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At R Dental Clinic, we have recently introduced the advanced Quick Straight Teeth system. Quick Straight Teeth provides both clear, removable and fixed braces options depending on what is most suitable for your case. We also offer a 0% interest finance option to help you spread the cost of your treatment if you so require. Click here to find out more about finance options.

Our consultation consists of an in depth discussion with the dentist; what brace option is ideal for you and approximately how long the treatment will take. During this appointment we take pre-op photographs to plan the treatment and select the best treatment package for you.

Before we start any treatment, it is vital that we have an x-ray called an “OPG” taken – almost like a panoramic image. Once we know that we can safely move the teeth, we will book an appointment at another practice where the facility is available to take this type of x-ray. This will help us rule out any obstructions before going ahead with the treatment.

First appointment

At the first appointment we will take impressions – moulds of your teeth – which will be sent off to the QST lab to make the appliances ready to fit. During this appointment we may also need to take some further pre-op photos.

Fit appointment

At the second appointment, we will have your appliances ready to fit. We may need to create some space between your teeth so that they have room to move; this is done by using a strip that almost files a small amount of your tooth away to create some room for movement.

Clear aligners are simply fitted into place after some room is made. Fixed appliances need to be bonded on in place; the brackets are ready in moulds in the correct position, all we need to do is add some resin to the brackets, put them in place and set the material using a curing light. After this, the clear wire and bands will be put in place and you’re all set to go. We will give you an advice sheet so you know what to avoid when eating and how to take care of your braces before you leave.

You will need to attend some adjustment appointments approximately every 4 weeks; to take your next set of aligners or have the wires changed to help progress the movement of your teeth. We will also take some more photographs so we can see how much progress there is up until the end of the treatment.

At the end of the treatment we will provide you with both, fixed and removable retainers to help prevent your teeth from moving back to their original positions.

R Dental Clinic does not provide the service for braces in-house, however the Dentist can refer to a local orthodontic dental practice.

Encore Ceramic Braces

Some people believe that braces are ‘just for kids’, or that they consist of an assortment of metal and wires that will make your mouth look unattractive. These preconceptions are simply not true.

Many adults who are self-conscious about their crooked teeth or feel that they have to cover their mouths when they smile, laugh, or talk, don’t realise that there are different treatments available to them for dental correction.

Invisalign Clear Braces

Practically invisible, comfortable, and affordable, we offer a selection of fixed clear braces to straighten misaligned teeth.

If you need braces, but have concerns about getting them, we will discuss teeth-straightening system options with you that are advanced and clinically proven to produce the results you want, in a fraction of the traditional time it takes to achieve them.

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