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Dentures are an option for those patients with missing teeth. An essential probably more so for those with front teeth missing or all teeth missing. Ideally dentures will be needed in this case to restore a patient’s look, speech, and chewing/biting ability.

We offer full sets/complete dentures and partial dentures. They’re made to look as natural as possible using acrylic plastic. Full dentures are made when all natural teeth are missing, upper and lower. After taking some impressions of your gums in surgery the dentist along with a dental technician will work through the different stages of making a denture. The dentist will help you pick the colour and shape of the teeth to ensure you are happy with the look and feel of your denture.

Partial dentures replace some missing teeth, and help protect the natural remaining teeth by reducing the load on any lone standing teeth. Partial dentures also help avoid any drifting and tilting of teeth. The teeth on partials are matched closely to the shade of the natural teeth.

There are usually 4-5 appointments required for the different stages of making the denture to make sure it is as best fitting as possible. These appointments are 1-2 weeks apart in collaboration with the dental technician.

We offer a range of denture options, on the NHS we provide standard acrylic base dentures. If you wanted, you can upgrade to higher quality dentures such as soft metal alloy based, these reduce the bulkiness an acrylic based denture can have, and are more securely fitting. These chrome dentures alongside higher grade teeth are available in our cosmetic treatment section. Click here

Speak to your dentist about what option is best for you.

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